Monthly Q&A for Coaches

  • You are invited to join the Monthly Q&A series!
  • We meet EVERY 3rd Monday of the Month at 9 am Pacific Time.
  • Spend an hour discussing coach specific topics with Lyssa deHart, MCC.
  • Meet coaches from around the world, discuss the ICF Core Competencies, and share ideas for discussion.
  • All Q&A Sessions are recorded and available for viewing. We would love to see you at the live sessions! 
  • To Attend any Live Session you will need to register via the "Register Here" link in the respective month under "Welcome."
  • 1 ICF Resource Development CCE for each Month
  • Duration

    1 hour a month
  • Content

    Coach Specific Topics
  • Learners

  • Video

    Each Month have access to rich content.
Fun Feedback!

Daniela Simionescu

Dearest friends,

I think you would love this webinar. I have discovered it recently and, from the very first time I attended it, it felt like home. The topic is changing every month but you can be confident to find solid info, a great ambiance, and a healthy sense of humour.

The only thing to improve would be to serve coffee, which is not yet happening, but I trust Lyssa to find a way to do that, too.

Hugs, Daniela
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See you on the 3rd Monday of each month!!
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1 ICF Resource Development CCE for each Month

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  • Video time: 1 hour a month
  • Exams: Quiz for CCE

What do people say about the Monthly Q&A

Adding Creativity to Self-Care

Lyssa is a tremendous mentor coach and Lyssa not only makes us understand the ICF competencies but also gives us a lot of valuable tips to help us grow.

Great Modeling

Lyssa models a grounded, authentic approach to building a sustainable coaching practice. This is a reminder to keep plugging away and care for myself in the process.

Amy Luckey, MA, ACC
Coaching + Consulting

Walk the Talk!

A great way to rethink the importance of self care. Not only a thing in and of itself, but as truly a way of being as we coach. Self care is part of our coach work.

Phyllis Collins
The Collins Network

Bringing Joy into my Life!

We too often forget that we can't be fully present for our clients when we haven't attended to ourselves.

Thank You for these Sessions!

Lyssa's deep experience brings the ICF competencies to life in clear, meaningful ways. 

Fill Your Own Cup!

Love Lyssa's seminars. They give so much to take the next level coaching.

I highly recommend!

I highly recommend this webinar with Lyssa de hart. She has such a nice gentle way of binging on topics relating to coaching. She demonstrates great coaching skills as she leads the webinar and invites participation from the attendees.

I feel energized!

Lyssa's monthly webinar is a delight to join ! You feel energized by the beautiful questions you bring with you to keep on showing up as the best coach you can.
I really enjoy these monthly calls and hearing from you and other coaches.

Anne-Caroline Floch-Ngy, ACC
Health and Wellness Coach

Many Take-aways!

I feel these sessions are great tune up opportunities. I always come away with areas to tweak and feel stronger as a coach knowing I can be proactive in making these changes.

Stephanie MacKay
Executive Coach

What's Included

Coach Specific Topics

The goal is to have meaningful dialog and answer coaching questions. We will have a topic each month, but all questions are welcome. :)

Zoom Room

We meet on Zoom, so you are welcome from wherever you live.

Discuss with others

Participate in a conversation, while also learning more about how to be a more confident coach.

Open Doors

Part of the goal of this is to introduce people to each other. Meet coaches and spend a little time with Lyssa.
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Frequently asked questions

How do I access the Monthly Call?

1. Sign up for the Session.
2. Log into your dashboard.
3. Each month has a zoom link that you can join directly from the dashboard.

Will the call be recorded?

Yes, barring some odd glitch with technology, the monthly calls are recorded.

How do I get my CCEs

Each month has a quiz that you must complete to access your certificate. Then you will be able to download your personalized certificate.
Learn with

Lyssa deHartLICSW, MCC, BCC

Lyssa is the author of StoryJacking: Change Your Dialogue, Transform Your Life and the Reflective Coach, and the host of the Coaching Studio Podcast.

She is a Confidence Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, Coaching Super-Vision Partner, ICF PCC Assessor, and coaching educator.

Using her understanding of the ICF Core Competencies, combined with her knowledge of Neuroscience, Lyssa works with Professional Coaches to expand their capacity to partner with their clients through how they show up and hold the space for those with whom they work.

Please connect with Lyssa on LinkedIn and YouTube!