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Frequently asked questions

Log-in and Password Information

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How do I log in to my account?

On your first visit, when you arrive on the Academy Home page, you will see in the very top right hand corner three lines. Tap, then tap Sign In.

Then you will be at the Login page. Enter your email address and password. 

How do I reset my password?

Underneath the blue Login button you will see a "Forgot your password?" Click. Then you will receive a sign that says "Get a brand new password!" Enter your email address that you registered with and click OK.

Who do I reach out to if I continue to have problems logging in?

You are welcome to send an email with a detailed description to
Include screenshots please if you are receiving any error messages. This will help us resolve your issue.
Thank you!

Payments, Invoices, and Refund Policy

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What types of payment options do you offer?

VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Stripe, and Apple Pay.
For some extensive programs, I offer payment plans. You will see this option upon sign up if it is available. If you do not see your course listed, then it is unavailable for a payment plan at this time.

How do I find my invoices?

At the top menu where is says 'me', select, select 'account'. If you have purchased it will show you the invoices, then select 'download invoice'.

Are refunds available?

Refunds are available for purchases over $50 within fourteen (14) days unless the digital material has been accessed. If you change your mind about the product and have not accessed the material. You are responsible for all bank fees accrued or charged + a $50.00 handling fee. There are no refunds if you have accessed the digital material, downloaded documents, or watched videos. We can discuss moving you to another program/course within the year in limited cases.

If I haven't accessed the material and it is within the fourteen (14) day time frame, how do I request a refund?

If you haven't accessed the material and it is within the fourteen (14) day time frame, send an email to with your full name and the course that you purchased.  You are responsible for all bank fees accrued or charged + a $50.00 handling fee

Using Coupons

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If I have been provided a coupon code, how & where do I use it?

On the payment page, you will see a blue button that says Redeem. On the left hand side of that button, in the blank white area, click your mouse, it will allow you to enter your code. Then click the Redeem button. 

I am sorry, we have no way through the online learning platform to make that a colored section for easier use.

Course Information, Course Completion, and Timed Access

How do I utilize all the tools within the system? How do I highlight text, add a note, start a discussion within my course, etc. 

Watch this short video that will walk you through how to add your personal notes, highlights, etc. to the course content. Click here for video.

How do I tell if I've completed a course?

When you are viewing your courses, each will show a % of completion. 

Will the academy keep track of my progress?

Yes! The Academy will keep track of your progress. Even if you time out of a timed access course and then repurchase, you will be able to have your prior progress noted. 

What does it mean to have timed access in a course?

Some courses will offer continual access and others will be on a timed access. Each course that has a timed access is clearly marked with the time frame for access. Plus, the Academy will keep track of your timed days for you. You will want to be mindful of the days you have for completion. Once your timed access has completed, you will need to repurchase the course to gain access again.

What if I don't complete the course within the set time frame of access?

You can repurchase the course and pick up right where you left off. When you time out of your course, you will receive either a direct message within the academy, a pop up, or email that will offer you a discounted price to extend. If yes, you will receive a personal one-time use coupon to extend.

Can I purchase a partial time frame of a course?

Unfortunately, no. The academy platform requires a repurchase and the time frame for access to each program are already preset. 

CCEUs and Certificates

How do I tell how many CCEUs a course is offering?

At the top of each course page, the number of CCEUs is noted. 

When do I receive my CCEUs?

Once you complete the course, depending on the course you are in, you will be prompted to take a quiz or finalize the needed coursework. You will be prompted for what is needed.

How do I get my Certificate of Completion?

Once you complete the course and take the final quiz (if applicable) you will see where you can download your certificate. It will download with your full name as you have entered it into the Academy. 

The quiz is asking for a Beginning Code and an Ending Code, where do I find these?

The Beginning Code and Ending Code are both mentioned orally and/or noted on the video screen in type. You will want to make a note of these codes for the quiz you will complete at the end.

Affiliate Information

How do I become an Affiliate?

Read through all the Affiliate Program terms found here. And then complete the Affiliate Registration found here. Once you have been approved as an affiliate, you will receive an email with your Affiliate Dashboard link.

How and when will I get paid for my affiliate referrals?

You will find all the information within the Affiliate Program terms found here.

The specifics are in section 11. Commission and Referral Fees. Commissions are paid on a quarterly basis for all sales transacted and paid in full (and not subject to returns or refunds) at least 30 days prior to the processing of quarterly payments. For example, Commissions paid on March 31, the completion of the first calendar quarter, will be for all sales transacted and paid in full by February 28/29. Commissions paid on June 30, the completion of the second calendar quarter, will be for all sales transacted and paid in full by May 31. This means that in some instances, the payment of commissions will occur in the calendar year following the sales transaction. The minimum payout amount is $25 of commissions per affiliate. 

Now that I have an affiliate relationship, when I return to the academy, how can I check my affiliate dashboard?

After you have logged in and are on your home page, you will see a small, light teal, round circle on the left hand side of your screen. This is a quick link to your affiliate dashboard. 

How to Contact Us

How do I reach someone to ask a question, reach technical support, or instructor support?

Look under help!  on the top menu, on Contact Us   below on the footer menu. Or, just Click here to send an email. 

Please read the notes below.
For Technical Support: Please be sure to include your full name, course you are enrolled in, and screenshots if you are having difficulty or are receiving an error. And, be as specific as you can with your information as it helps us to solve your issue or question quicker.

For Instructor Support: Please be sure to include your full name and the course you are enrolled in. And, be as specific as you can with your question. Or, if this is a course related question, write your question on the Discuss Tab in the Course.

It may take 72 +/- hours for us to respond. We will address your question or concern as soon as we possibly can.

Please note we work Monday-Friday. Email requests on the weekend will be responded to on the next work day. Thank you.