Certification Program

Coaching with the Power of Metaphors

Learn to use metaphors and take your coaching to new levels of partnership, connection, and awareness. 

(32 Core Competencies + 3 RD)
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A Seven Session Level 1 Certification Program - 32.5 ICF CCEs
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Come and Tune your Ears to the Metaphors

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What do people say about the course?

This course was truly a gift!

Not only did I grow as a coach to better serve my clients, but I also grew as an individual. It expanded my knowledge of the neuroscience of language/metaphors and how they enhance our perception of the world. I notice metaphors so often after this course :) Making conversations a lot easier and interesting.

Gabriela Nitu, PCC
Papillon MDC

It’s all learning! Do it!

This course will make you a better coach and better listener, and you will be part of an awesome network of like-minded coaches from whom you can learn. That’s been one of the most enjoyable parts of the course - the connections built with other talented coaches from literally all over the world. And that provides different perspectives on the readings and coaching examples Lyssa has put together for the course.

Margo Meyer, PCC
Margo Meyers Coaching

Great learning!

A great learning container all around: thoughtful, generous and insightful learning partners, great coaching demos that make it easy to learn and explore metaphors in your own coaching, and some challenging reading to bust your brain cells alive.

Miryam Chavarria Romero, PCC
Phoenix Leadership Coaching

Come with a Hungry Mind!

Come to this course with a hungry mind and the awareness that your mind will be blown in such an amazing way. It may feel like it starts out tough, but there was a switch that flipped in me about session 4 that illuminated everything that had been explored to date. Metaphors are embodied in our physical bodies and parts of our brains. Lyssa is an amazing coach and teacher.

Amazing Impact on Coaching!

Metaphors impact the entire brain as a neural network. I had several eye-opening experiences with the power of metaphors in coaching conversations. Every step was extremely well researched and connected with the neurobiology of the brain. Brilliant and high quality material, presented with with passion and involvement by Lyssa!

Otto Siegel, M.Ed., MCC
Genius Coaching

Great learning!

Metaphors are a powerful tool in coaching. Listening for them, and learning how to leverage them will build trust and safety with the client and simplify coaching for the coach. Lyssa has identified a powerful coaching tool and offers a unique class on how to use that tool. She brings together a community of coaches that share their own perspectives and learnings, making this class all the more impactful.

Sheryl Kurtis, ACC
Kurtis Consulting

Fantastic course!

This is an amazing course to help you tap into the wisdom of your clients and to help them unlock their inner knowing. When a client offers up a metaphor during a session it is a gift from their unconscious. It is their deeper wisdom opening up a doorway to help solve their challenge.

Gary Jobe Ferguson, Ph.D., PCC
Ferguson Mind Body Arts

It's a Game-Changer!

My ability to listen more deeply and support the client with impactful linkage from their metaphors to new meaning-making. I have and will continue to recommend this course to others...it is a GAME-CHANGER!

Joy Crew Lubeck, MBA, PCC
Lead Fully

Read. Watch. Learn.

Boost your confidence, master "the field". This course has been for me a real gift as I have learned so much and I hope to learn even more by revisiting some of the content. Lyssa has carefully thought about how best to deliver the course so that the participants can learn, practice, reflect, be challenged and enjoy the whole experience.

Take this course! 

Metaphors are SO powerful and readily available in coaching, they are fun to work with both for both the coach and client.
Take this course! You will learn a lot, not just about metaphors, but in tuning-up and strengthening your own coaching…all in a very positive and supportive learning environment.

Wendy Pentland, Ph.D., PCC
Wendy Pentland Life & Executive Coaching

Metaphors are Everywhere!

The training is very comprehensive. I learned so much about metaphors, how they show up and how they give deeper insight in the client. And most importantly, how using the client's own metaphor can lead to really juicy conversations.

Marije Miller
Connecting New Dots

Without a DOUBT!

This class has been transformational to my coaching - WITHOUT A DOUBT! I highly encourage any coach to take it. You'll learn a lot of science behind how metaphors communicate clear messages. You'll get lots of practice, lots of shared wisdom with other coaches and your listening skills will skyrocket!
Lori Prutsman, ACC
Lori Prutsman Coaching

Become a Certified Metaphor Coach Level 1

  • Become a certified Metaphor Coach.
  • 35 ICF CCEs - Counts towards your Coach Specific Education Hours for your PCC or MCC education hours.
  • Begin to understand the neuroscience of metaphors
  • Explore the historical relevance of how the mind makes meaning and how metaphors fit within a neuro-structure of visual language.
  • Discover how metaphors encourage “clean language” and allow the coach to partner more directly with the client.
  • Expand your capacity to hear metaphors.
  • Use your understanding of conceptual metaphors to inform your curiosity as you pick up on the metaphors that might be most useful to explore.
  • Coach with a more natural elegance as you partner more fully and explore the deeper meaningful issues below the waterline of what your clients share.
  • Develop your coaching confidence.

Course overview

Expand your coaching and use metaphors to:

  • Create the coaching container
  • Support your clients to deeper awareness
  • Increase their insights
  • Create embodied goals
Together we will explore the Neuroscience of metaphors, and have plenty of time to practice. You'll discover how metaphors weave through the ICF Core Competencies. We'll develop your awareness, curiosity, and capacity to leverage the metaphors that your clients naturally bring into conversations.

What will you get?

Course outline

This is a 8 Session Program over 16 Weeks. The Power of Metaphors is ICF accredited and includes 30 Core Competencies and 2.5 Resource development.

Session 1

Introductions, Group Learning Agreements, Course Overview, and discussion of DEMO: Full Plate. 
READING: Chapters Lighting up to Metaphors and Your Brain and Visual Language.

Session 2

Discussion of the DEMO: Into the Fog. READING: Chapters on Conceptual Metaphors and Owned Metaphors. Explores CC 3 Establishes and Maintains Agreements. Break-out coaching.

Session 3

Discussion of the DEMO: Overflowing Plate. READING: Chapters Client-Centered Coaching, Client-Led Coaching, and Embodied Metaphors. Explores CC 4 Cultivates Trust and Safety. Break-out coaching.

Session 4

Discussion of DEMO: Energizing Party. READING: Chapters Enhancing Understanding and Memory, Clean Language, and the article Tangled Spaghetti in my Head. Explores CC 5 Maintains Presence. Break-out coaching.

Session 5

Discussion of DEMO: Pub Vibe. Discussion of your recorded and transcribed Fieldwork. Discussion of READING: Chapters Coaching Competencies, Metaphors in the Coaching Container, and A Brief Guide to Embodied Cognition. Explore CC 6 Listens Actively.

Session 6

Discussion of coaching DEMO: Grounded Goals. READING: Chapters Grounded Goals and Emotions are Like Road Signs. Exploring the use of metaphors to develop a powerful goals. Explore CC 7 Evokes Awareness. Break-out coaching.

Session 7

Discussion of coaching DEMO: It's a Spork. READING: Chapters Using Somatic Awareness and Culturally Competent Coaching. Explores all the Coaching Competencies. Break-out coaching.

Session 8

Discussion of DEMO: Dancing in Doorways. READING: Chapters Playful Coaching and What is Required. Exploring CC 8 Facilitates Client Growth explored. Gathering insights and learning. Final session celebration!

Course Lessons

Join US!

Coaching with the Power of Metaphors

A Level 1 Certification Program designed to support your Coach Development as you tune your ears to listen for metaphors in your coaching conversations.

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Refunds are available for any purchases within fourteen (14) days unless the digital material has been accessed. 
If you change your mind about the product and have not accessed the material, there is a $50.00 fee to cover bank charges
There are no refunds if you have accessed the digital material, downloaded documents, or watched videos. 
We can discuss moving you to another program/course within the year in limited cases.

How does the course support learning?

Lyssa is sharing many demonstrations. There will be lots of coaching practice both in the sessions and outside of class. The sessions are recorded so that you can come back and remind yourself of what you learned.
Learn with

Lyssa deHartLICSW, MCC, BCC

Lyssa is the author of StoryJacking: Change Your Dialogue, Transform Your Life and the Reflective Coach, and the host of the Coaching Studio Podcast.

She is a Confidence Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, Coaching Super-Vision Partner, ICF PCC Assessor, and coaching educator.

Using her understanding of the ICF Core Competencies, combined with her knowledge of Neuroscience, Lyssa works with Professional Coaches to expand their capacity to partner with their clients through how they show up and hold the space for those with whom they work.

Please connect with Lyssa on LinkedIn and YouTube!