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PREP gives you:
You get 3 months access
All the documents, sample exams, and videos - for  Demystified and PREP
A 38 New Scenarios in 2 Timed Exams!
2 Live Q&A Calls each month that you can join or watch.

  Twice  a Month Live 
PREP Q&A Calls

Come to the live calls, ask your questions and get answers. You can also watch past Live Q&A Videos!

 The Support You Need to Succeed

You are not alone as you take a big step towards your ICF Credentialing Exam success!

 Clear Information and Lots of Examples

Identifying the BEST and WORST answers for the coaching scenarios plus a timed practice exam.

 Learn Strategies, for how to tackle this Exam

Whatever training you choose, you'll gain the skills and strategies you need to take the exam.

 Build Your Confidence through Practice

Increase your confidence in how to conceptualize this Situational Judgement Exam, with 30 Unique Scenarios to PRACTICE!

Are you preparing to take the ICF Credentialing Exam?

The CKA is a thing of the past and ICF Credential Exam (ICE) has significantly changed.
Starting August 1, 2022, all ICF credential applicants, applicants for ICF Mentor Coaching Certification, and for the Team Coaching Credential will take a much more thoughtful and proctored exam with 81 situations.
  • You will be choosing the BEST and the WORST answer from each situation.
  • You will have three hours to take the exam. 
  • It can be delivered by computer in a testing center or through Pearson’s OnVUE remote proctored testing service.
  • This proctoring will make sure you are you. And to make sure that you are not using notes. 
  • This is not an open-book exam. You will need to understand the competencies.
ICF is running a Pilot Program for a new ACC exam. the new exam is going to be a lot more like a multiple choice exam.
Regardless, these exam prep programs are coaching education and will increase your odds of passing ANY exam ICF develops. :) 

Prepare for ANY Exam ICF Brings, this is Coaching Education that will support you!

You have Two Choices:
The ICE PREP and The Demystified Program,
Both include SIX FREE Modules

Don't miss out on these incredible ICF Exam Preparation programs!
Timed Practice Exams, Book Marking, and Answer Review!
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Self-Paced | 9 hours + of videos
2 Live Webinars a Month!
38 Newly Crafted Scenarios

Get Started for FREE
Includes SIX Free Modules,  Demystified + more!
  • Foundational VIDEOS
  • Workbook 1
  • ACCAT (Learning Acronym)
  • Pearson/Vue Videos
  • ICF Core Competency Videos
  • Deeper Dive on ACCAT + TRAPS
  • EXPLANATION of thE 8 New Scenarios 
  • 1.5 ICF RD CCEs
  • 3-Months Access
  • EXPLANATIONS of the Answer Sets
  • Community Participation

ICE Demystified

Pre-recorded Webinar
8 Newly Crafted Scenarios

Get Started For FREE
Includes SIX Free Modules
+ more
  • Workbook 1
  • ACCAT (LEarning ACRONYM)
  • Pearson/Vue Videos
  • ICF Core Competency Videos
  • Pre-Recorded Demystified webinar
  • Deeper Dive on ACCAT + TRAPS
  • EXPLANATION of thE 8 New Scenarios 
  • 1.5 ICF RD CCEs 
  • 3-Months Access

Feedback on ICE PREP & Demystified!

Confidence Boosting!

Lyssa’s teachings about the ICF credentialing exam and the coaching competencies were essential to my test preparation. It is not an exaggeration to say that I would not have passed on my first attempt without her and I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the practices that contribute to stellar coaching.

Amazing Program!

I recently passed my ICF exam after using Lyssa's ICF Exam program which I purchased a few weeks ago. During the test, I wrote out the ACCAT and TRAP tips to help me stay focused. These tips were extremely helpful and kept me grounded during the more complex and nuanced questions.

Helped me become a better Coach!

I passed the ICF Credentialing Exam in my first attempt and I now have my PCC! And that wouldn’t have been possible without Lyssa’s help. Lyssa’s 4-hour ICF Credentialing Exam Prep Course was key to help me prepare and pass the exam. It was a very challenging and tricky. THANK YOU Lyssa!
Ivan Quieroz, PCC, CAPP, MSE
Executive Leadership Coach

Thank You!

With the ever-changing ICF exam rules, finding Lyssa's support videos and resources was a Godsend that helped me pass the new ICF exam. The test was really hard, with not only needing to figure out the best question but also the worst. Lyssa clearly and concisely went through and explained. I am not sure if without Lyssa's help I would have passed. Thank you!
Charlie Rebich, ACC
Hearts Forward

 Trust me – this exam is NOT EASY! 

Lyssa focuses on all the right things. You’ll learn all about the structure of the new exam, how to register & where to take it, how to request accommodation(s) and even get to review some sample test questions! You won’t believe how helpful ACCAT/TRAP will be to get you on the right track when you start your exam. Thank you, Lyssa, for creating such a powerful course to help me focus on the critical things I needed to pass the new ICF Exam! 
Lori Prutsman, PCC
Lori Prutsman

Highly Recommend!

I would highly recommend Lyssa’s training programs! She brings her expertise as an ICF Master Certified Coach and as a LICSW to add depth in her training materials. If you are looking for help with the ICF exam or mentored hours for coach training, Lyssa provides a range of offerings through her Academy Learning Portal!
Dr. Parmpreet Kalsi (CPsychol, ACC)
Executive Coach Clear Rock, Inc.

ACCAT & TRAPS really helped!

I would not have passed the ICF Credentialing exam without attending Lyssa's preparation course! I really appreciated her practical approach & the rich discussions she facilitated, the goal being to understand the best & worst answers to each question, especially as the answer choices can be very nuanced.
Jayne Robinson, PCC
The Detangler LLC

Very Informative & Easy to Absorb!

I'm delighted to strongly recommend Lyssa for her 5 Keys to the ICF Credentialing Exams De-mystified and New & Updated ICF Credentialing Exam info for all Coaches preparing for the ICF Credentialing Exams. The Exams are not only a test of the Core Competencies and Code of Ethics Knowledge, but also your test of mind which needs lot of preparations and focus.
Ganesh Iyer, ACC
Transformation Coach

Big & Warm Thank You!

I did my exam for PCC and passed, only thanks to your training and material. The training was absolutely brilliant and all the material (including the Zoom) vital for preparing and for passing it the first time. To anyone who would like to participate in Lyssa's brilliant programs, they come with my warmest recommendations!
Angelica Adamski, PCC
CEO, Grow the Future

Thank you for sharing!

I highly recommend Lyssa deHart's and her library of ICF Certification Exam Prep Products for anyone preparing for ICF's Credentialing Exam. I recently passed the PCC Exam and contribute a great part of that success to Lyssa's Four-Hour Self-Paced ICF Credentialing Exam, 5 Keys to the ICF Credentialing Exam Demystified, plus her straightforward tips.
Anita Genes, CPCC, PCC

Becoming even stronger!

Lyssa's Exam PREP course for the ICF exam was the reason I was able to pass it. It is not an intuitive exam, so her course really helped. She breaks down what the ICF is looking for in the answers, and how to easily remember. She also has a sample test which really helped me prepare beyond the one that ICF provides. I was able to confidently pass the exam the first time and within less time than given. I am so happy I signed up! 

Thank You, Lyssa!

I highly recommend Lyssa deHart's courses. Not only were the courses instrumental in helping me PASS the ICF PCC exam (the first time), but I was able to earn continuing education credits as well. Lyssa provides ALL of the materials in one place plus she provides invaluable resources and "tricks" to help guide you in passing your ICF exam. Thank you, Lyssa!
Kristin (Sraiter) Campbell, PhD, PCC, BCC, ACPEC
Kristen Campbell Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased the Program, where do I find the material?

First log into your account, look under Products. You will need to click on the program you want to open and that will take you to the dashboard. All your materials are on your dashboard. If you are taking a LIVE event, some material may not be available until during or after the live event. If this is the case you will receive more details during the LIVE event.

How long do I have access to the material?

You will have 3 months from your date of purchase. Most people will take the exam within that window, so they no longer need access after they PASS.

If I need more than 3 months access what can I do?

If you need another 3 months, then for a $100.00 fee you can re-up with PREP or for a $45.00 fee you can re-up with  Demystified for another 3 months. Contact admin@LyssadeHart.com. The academy only allows for 3 month time frame additions. We can not add partial time frames, for example 7 day, 14 day, or one month.

If I don't pass what other options do I have?

First, if you don't pass the first time, you are not alone. And, I am sorry, I can imagine it is very frustrating. 
You may renew for another 3 months and continue to attend the monthly live sessions for practice, or we can do a 1 to 1 session where we walk through specifically what you are wrestling with. Please reach out, there is a discount on my time for people who have taken the PREP Program.

What if I am struggling with understanding the nuance of which is the best answer and which is the worst answer?

There are two live sessions offered each month where you will be able to attend, during your 3 month active window. You will be able to ask questions and discuss with Lyssa and the other participants the subtleties of the exam questions. If you need further assistance, we can do a 1 to 1 session where we walk through specifically what you are wrestling with. Please reach out, there is a discount on my time for people who have taken the PREP Program.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are available for any purchase within fourteen (14) days unless the digital material has been accessed.
If you change your mind about the product and have not accessed the material, there is a $50.00 fee to cover bank charges.
There are no refunds if you have accessed the digital material, downloaded documents, or watched videos.

I've heard there is an ACC Pilot program, what is it?

The "pilot" exam has not yet been released as of yet. The PREP course will prepare you for any exam ICF gives you. The only thing that will change in the pilot exam is that it will be easier. 

Course Lessons for PREP

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Learn with

Lyssa deHartLICSW, MCC, BCC

Lyssa is the author of StoryJacking: Change Your Dialogue, Transform Your Life and the Reflective Coach, and the host of the Coaching Studio Podcast.

She is a Confidence Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, Coaching Super-Vision Partner, ICF PCC Assessor, and coaching educator.

Using her understanding of the ICF Core Competencies, combined with her knowledge of Neuroscience, Lyssa works with Professional Coaches to expand their capacity to partner with their clients through how they show up and hold the space for those with whom they work.

Please connect with Lyssa on LinkedIn and YouTube!